Adoration Chapel - The Holy Spirit Oratory


We have a wonderful place to come and pray. Our Adoration chapel, called "The Holy Spirit Oratory" is where many people have come to sit before Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and have conversations with Him, their Lord and Savior. 

Anyone is welcome to come and pray in our Chapel-you do not have to be Catholic or believe what the Church teaches, and there is no right or wrong way to sit in quiet. We have many books on prayer that you are welcome to read in the Chapel. We are on a busy street, so we have needed to keep our Chapel locked for safety, but you can come into the Church Offices which is nearby, and ask how to get in. 

We hope that you have a blessed time in our Chapel and that you experience God's great love for you

Additional Information: 
1. What is Perpetual Adoration? Catholics of the Lansing Diocese unite in making continuous hours of prayer and adoration before the Most Blessed Sacrament during the day and night, 7 days a week.

2. Why is permanent exposition important? Many people are appreciative of exposition. They are more responsible and faithful in keeping their holy hour with Our Lord.  For many people, exposition is one of the most beautiful ways to witness their faith.

3. Is this the work of the clergy?  Not at all. Vatican Council II emphasized the importance of lay involvement in the Church's mission.  Perpetual Adoration uses a team principle of the laity working under the direction of the clergy with the Bishop's approval.

4. Considering the crime situation, isn't it dangerous to go 24-hours a day? Many pastors have reported that since beginning Perpetual Adoration in their parishes the crime rate in their community has declined.

5. What spiritual benefits and graces are attributed to establishing a program? An increase in Mass attendance and reception of the Sacraments is noticeable. Also, fallen away Catholics return and the number of religious and priestly vocations. The spiritual desire and courage to spread the "good news" to others.  As Pius XII said: "Personal sanctification and the sanctification of others is the basis of all Catholic actions."

6. What did Pope John Paul II say about Perpetual Adoration? He envisioned Catholics praying around the clock, adoring the Blessed Sacrament and feeling the great power of Perpetual Adoration on every continent... ”Your faith will help you to realize that it is Jesus Himself who is present in the Blessed Sacrament, waiting for you and calling you to spend one special hour with Him each week.”




Holy Spirit Oratory
24-Hour Adoration Chapel
Located outside the Parish Office
3815 South Cedar Street, Lansing, MI

For more information or to sign up for an hour, please contact Jack Chan at 517-896-3698 or email him at

"Where will you get the joy of loving - in the Eucharist, Holy Communion. Jesus has made Himself the Bread of Life to give us life. Night and day, He is there. If you really want to grow in love, come back to the Eucharist, come back to that Adoration."   -Mother Teresa

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