At our Baptism we received the most wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit which has the potential to animate our life in Christ. 


It isn't magic and it doesn't guarantee you a place in heaven! We have to take advantage of those Sacramental graces that are given to us. We have to say "Yes" to them and open them up in our lives. 

That is what growth is all about: continuing to grow to be like Christ by the power of his Holy Spirit and through the graces of the Sacramental life. 

What are ways we can do this? 


Mass every Sunday is a no-brainer! When we miss it, we are essentially telling Christ that we do not need His love and yes, when we miss Sunday Mass we need to confess it as soon as possible. Confession is an incredible sacrament that helps us deal with the darkness that each of us has in our lives, those areas that we are not yet perfect in. Receiving an Anointing if we are sick or before surgery asks Christ to put His healing touch on whatever ails us. 

Sacraments are signs AND realities of God's presence. There is nothing better in our life as a disciple than receiving these Sacraments often!

Family Faith Formation

As a parent you are the first teachers of the faith to your children, so come each time it is offered to learn more about how to follow Christ and invite your children to do the same

Adult Faith Formation

We have events and programs for adults to grow-Bible studies, faith sharing groups, sessions that teach on prayer and the Mass and other such formative events. It is vital that we keep growing so that we may life eternally with Christ in heaven!

Youth Ministry

We love our young people! We want to support our parents in raising their children to have a faith fully lived. Our youth ministers are there to help your young people grow in what it means to life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Prayer is God's opportunity to speak His love to our hearts and for us to respond in kind. We pray not just for our needs and the needs of our friends and family, but also to grow to be like Christ. Reading the Bible and thinking about what it says and where we feel our heart respond helps us hear God and follow Him more faithfully. 

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Online Giving

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