Immaculate Heart of Mary follows a state-sanctioned curriculum for all academic subjects. The links below will take you to grade-specific curricula.  For further information, refer to the School Handbook.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Curriculum is in line with the Diocese of Lansing.  For a detailed look at the curriculum click here.


Our Technology Vision/Mission Statement
We will strive to provide equal access to all necessary information for our students, staff members, and people in our school community at any place or time. We will provide an environment where technological resources will offer our students and staff the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding in the classroom, access and manage vast amounts of information, explore concepts from differing perspectives, and reinforce the development of analytical and critical thinking skills which are necessary for lifelong learning. When students leave our school, they must be equipped to use technology to continue to learn, to grow, and to collaborate and contribute to their community.

  • Select and provide the most appropriate technology available to enable our faculty and staff to implement our objectives.
  • Define curriculum needs and provide the technological resources and services that are necessary to ensure appropriate application and integration into the school environment.
  • Align our technology goals with diocesan, state, and national educational technology standards.

Special Needs

Student services like counseling, tutoring, reading support, speech and occupational therapy, hearing impaired specialists, teacher consultants and struggling learner programs, guarantee that no student’s needs go unmet. We give students a unique privilege of an education where issues of morality, peace and justice are not under emphasized. The kids love hands on learning. We stress interpersonal relationship skills but also encourage them to develop a sense of individuality. Immaculate Heart of Mary School is pleased to have on staff part-time Mrs. Karen Hicks, Student Success Coordinator.



Homework Website

Teachers in grades 4-8 utilize the following website to post homework assignments:


Online Giving

Online Giving

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