School Committee

School Committee

The IHM School Committee is a standing committee of the IHM Education Commissions. In other words, the School Committee is an ongoing, regular committee of the Education Commissions. There are five non-elected members of the School Committee: the Pastor, the school administrator, and two teacher representatives, one from grades K through 5 and one from grades 6 through 8. The other nine members of the committee are elected positions. The School Committee meets once a month from August through June. Additional meetings can be called by the chairperson if they are deemed necessary.

The functions of the School Committee are many and varied. The members are involved in writing and making recommendations to the Education Commissions concerning such matters as school policy, hiring of an administrator and budget considerations. The School Committee also acts as a voice for the school as it oversees the implementation of the strategic plan. It functions as our School Improvement Committee.

Membership on the IHM School Committee is a fun and challenging way to be actively involved in your child's school. Elected members serve a term of two years, beginning in June and may serve an optional 3rd year. If you are into planning, organizing, supporting, and creating the future of your child's school, then this is the place for you!

School Committee By-Laws

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