Parish Book Study

Welcome to our parish book study on The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity. All you need to do is get the book, read the chapter that the Parish is reading and answer one question. That is it!

How do I get a book? 
We have some free books in the Main Office as well as in the Gathering Area of our main Church. If you are unable to get a book at these places, you can order it directly from the publisher, Dynamic Catholic.  The books ordered from Dynamic Catholic are free, but you will have to pay for shipping. 

Where will the weekly questions be posted?
After you read a chapter, the parish will provide a question for you to ask yourself. These will be posted in the Parish Bulletin, underneath Fr John's Gospel Challenge section on our homepage, as well as right here on this page. So, if you bookmark this page and come back to it each week, you will find a quote and the question from that week's chapter. 

Can I read the chapters in advance? 
Definitely! You are welcome to read at your own pace-just know that the questions will still come out one week at a time. 

Do I have to belong to your parish to participate in the Parish Book Study? 
Great question. No- you do not. We simply want to help everyone be the best version of themselves.

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