Mass Reservation

Dear Parishioners

I am pleased to announce that Bishop Boyea has given us permission to open up the church for greater Mass attendance beginning Sunday May 31st.   However, in the interest of health and safety he has asked us to restrict attendance to no more that 25% of the church’s capacity. This means we can allow approximately 100 people to participate plus the presiding priest and reader.

If you would like to attend you must request a reservation using one of the following signup methods.   

  1. Parish Website:  follow instructions below.
    Enter your name and preferred method of contact (your email address or phone number). In the first section pick your FIRST preference for the Sunday TIME you would like to attend Mass. In the next section pick your SECOND preference for the Sunday TIME you would like to attend Mass.
  2. Parish Office517-393-3030 Follow the voice prompts.  Give your name and contact information (phone number, or email).
  3. Another Parishioner:  If necessary, you can have another parishioner call on your behalf giving the same information requested above.

Reservations will be filled in the order they are received. You will be notified one day in advance of the day or days that have been reserved for you.  

Please read the following protocols:
The following guidelines are based on recommendations of the diocese


1.Please do not attend if you are not feeling well.

2. Please bring your own cleaning wipes to clean the pew area where you and your family will sit and kneel. Thank you!

3. Masks required while inside the building.*Even if you feel this is unnecessary for yourself, consider the peace of mind and safety of your fellow Catholics*

4. Hands must be sanitized before entering the worship area.

5. Bathrooms should be avoided unless for emergency. (If used, you must re-sanitize hands at re- entrance of church

Caution: Persons who are considered most vulnerable due to age or chronic illness are encouraged to stay home

Entry:  Both doors can be used and will be standing open. Doors open only 15 minutes before each Mass.

Seating: Please sit in pews not taped off AND 6 feet from others. Members of the same household may sit closer together.

Selection of Seating:  

  1. At entrance a masked hospitality minister (HM) will direct masked attendees to sanitize before entering.
  2.  HM stationed between the aisles will direct participants to open pews as needed.  Individuals will not be permitted to sit at the end of an empty pew until all are seated in that pew.

Singing:  There will be very limited congregational singing (hymnals have been removed from the pews).

Reception of Holy Communion:

  1. Priest will be masked
  2. Recipients will come forward one row at a time directed by HM.
  3. Recipients with mask on receive by hand only.  Upon reception of the sacred host, move off to the side and lift the lower half of the mask and place the host in your mouth


  1. HM will dismiss people one row at a time, front to back. 
  2.  Must maintain social distance while inside the church. Masks may be removed once you leave the church
  3. Socializing in the gathering space is not permitted before or after Mass
  4. Please exit quickly so that we may prepare for the next Mass. 


Parishioner Information
Please give us your name and preferred method of communication, either email or phone number.
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Reservation Request
Please let us know what TIME is your first preference to come to SUNDAY Mass this weekend, May 31st, and then mark your second choice. We will do our best to accommodate but nothing is guaranteed. NOTE: The Bishop’s dispensation is still in place. If you do not feel safe coming to a public Mass you are not under obligation to do so.
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