Men's Discipleship Group

Where a lone man may be overcome, two together can resist, a three-ply cord is not easily broken. Eccl. 4:12

There are a lot of pressures in life: find a wife, find a job, have children, raise children, work at job to provide for those children, take the children here, take them there, maintain your relationship with your wife, keep on the good side of the boss, get to a kids’ game, call your parents, feed the dog, mow the lawn, instill virtues in the children and somehow find time to pray.

It is a lot. That is, if you are trying to do it alone.

The Men’s Discipleship Group wants to provide you a brotherhood that supports you as you aim to grow in your relationship with Christ, your wife, your children and others in your life. Putting God and prayer first in your life can help you strengthen every other area of your life and bring more peace to an often busy life.

Join us.

Mondays. 7:30pm. East/West Room. Men.

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