We have a number of ways that you can give back to God for all that he has done for you. 

Stewardship of time and talent is the faith-filled recognition, use and return in gratitude of our gifts from God. As Disciples of Christ, it is not for our own benefit that we use our gifts, but in the service of God, the benefit of others - in essence, building up the Kingdom of God on earth. These gifts are called Charisms. 

Charisms are gifts of grace from the Holy Spirit, given to us at Baptism which gives us the ability to bring God's grace, healing, power an love to others. 

We invite you to commit to engaging in the work of the Church by making a gift of your time and your talent - your charisms-and consider those ministries that jump out at as interesting to you. God often uses who we are and what we are interested in to lead us where He wants us to go. If you don't feel pulled in any specific direction then try committing some time to any of the many important ministries available and then also commit some time to praying and discerning your gifts. Once you make the commitment, the rest will fall into place. God will bless you with grace and you will bless all of us with your time, your talent and the gift of YOU!

The Booklet, which you can download by clicking on the picture to the right, describes each of the ministries and the ways in which you can serve. The Form is also downloadable and you can fill it out with your information and what areas of the Parish you would like to give your Time and Talent!

Thank you so very much!


Time and Talent Booklet and Form



Online Giving

Online Giving

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